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Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

I've read so many questions and answers on Yahoo about using Henna as a hair dye but I am still confused. Have more questions:

1. I have black hair and want to try using Henna to cover my grey. It seems that Henna black is harmful to use. If true, what is a safe way to use Henna to cover grey hair and turn it black again?

2. I used other hair coloring product on my hair before, if I use Henna now would it bring unpredictable/harmful result?

3. Is there any ready to use Henna dye that I can buy without having to mix the powder myself? It seems quite complicated to do.

4. Is there any hair salon that specializes in Henna hair coloring in the SF Bay Area?

Thanks in advance.

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

I worked in a salon where the majority of clientele were from India. Many of the women and men used henna to cover their grey hair. Right after you have used the henna your hair will be darker. Henna does not darken grey hair. The grey hair processes more orange, burgundy or reddish. I would not recommend using henna for grey coverage unless this is the result you desire. If you apply henna to hair that has been coloured the henna should cover the colour. It's the reverse process that could bring an unpredictable or harmful result. It is difficult to colour over henna.

If you want to match your natural colour or try something new all together I suggest going to a salon. Professional hair colour lines have changed a lot over the years and they now have colours specifically designed to cover grey hair.

Good luck!

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

I believe what you're thinking of is Indigo. To cover grey's, you have to henna first, and then Indigo over it. Information on how to do it, and where to buy things is at this website. 've been henna'ing my hair for the last 2 years and it's the best thing I've ever found. Report It

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

you can mix about 2 table spoons of coffee in 500 gms of henna and mix it with tea decoction ..this will give you a maroon color and and reapplication will totally remove your greys. Report It

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

i think henna in hair always come out more burgandy than any color

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

Henna is not the answer for you. Henna leaves a red to burgandy tint. It would be a disaster on greying or white hair. Better to go to the best salon that you can afford and let them give you a professional consultation because black hair with stubborn-to-color grey/white really needs an expert to color it. Either that or just get a great cut and live with the natural colors of your hair. Good luck.

Using Henna to cover grey on black hair?

If you have a few grey u can use henna. It will give a brown shade to grey hair only. If some chemical added to get black color it is not natural But you can get some natural technique to get more colors.

It is not a black dye. It is a conditioner and is medicinal.

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